About Java-Blog.com

May 13th, 2009
Having about 7 years of experience in developing Java-applications, I think the time has come to share some of my Software-Engineering knowledge with interested readers.

The main topics that will be dealt with in this blog range from Software-Engineering in general over Design-Patterns to Java and MySQL in particular. And of course all the other stuff, that comes along with these hopefully won’t be forgotten, either.

Though the target-audience of my posts are Java-rookies and -intermediates, I hope that also the skilled Java-developer will find some tips or new and interesting approaches on how to solve common problems using Java.

Some of the entries here will only be small code-snippets to show ideas how a certain task might be accomplished, other posts will go further into detail when trying to include some background-knowledge about the underlying theory.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon using the contact-site.
Tell me if you like/dislike my blog or if you have any suggestions or tips how this blog can be improved to help the Java-community out there.

Wondering what I’m doing when not blogging about Java? Well, I’m working on World’s Leading Bid Management Software from Refined Labs. And yes: It’s implemented (in parts) in Java ;-)

Happy Coding,



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