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Google App Engine 1.2.6 released

October 14th, 2009
Five weeks after the last update, Google’s App Engine received another one to version 1.2.6 today. Besides some administrative enhancements in the admin console like exploring more detailed statistics of your datastore or deleting an app, it’s now possible to receive emails within your application.

Unfortunately, these are not the features I was waiting for…

More information can be found on Google’s App Engine Blog or in the release notes.

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Task Queue API for Java in Google’s App Engine

September 25th, 2009
I’m a big fan of Google’s Cloud Computing service Google App Engine (GAE), because

  • It’s free for my low personal requirements
  • It’s very easy to code and deploy GAE-projects using the available Eclipse-plugin
  • Together with Google Apps you get a free and easy to use Web-Hoster for your Java-Web-projects
Of course there are also quite many things I don’t like about GAE, but as long as I need not pay for the service, I’ll have to cope with them.

One of those limitations got removed during the last update couple of weeks ago:
The Task Queue API was finally released for Java! The Task Queue API for Python has been available since June, now Google gives the Java-version a try, too.

For my little personal web-application I need to do a bit of background-processing (and therefor created some ugly, but functioning workarounds using cronjobs), so I started playing around with the Task Queue trying to replace that code.
My conclusion? Very simple but yet powerful API! Works like a charm! Great work, Google-guys!

Though I have to admit that I really do not exhaust the 10k-tasks-per-day-limit, it would be nice if the duration-limit of 30 seconds per request could be doubled up to 60 seconds or so. The option of splitting long-running tasks into multiple short-running-ones is unfortunately not always feasible, so a higher limit of Task Queue requests compared to regular ones seems to be reasonable.

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