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Task Queue API for Java in Google’s App Engine

September 25th, 2009
I’m a big fan of Google’s Cloud Computing service Google App Engine (GAE), because

  • It’s free for my low personal requirements
  • It’s very easy to code and deploy GAE-projects using the available Eclipse-plugin
  • Together with Google Apps you get a free and easy to use Web-Hoster for your Java-Web-projects
Of course there are also quite many things I don’t like about GAE, but as long as I need not pay for the service, I’ll have to cope with them.

One of those limitations got removed during the last update couple of weeks ago:
The Task Queue API was finally released for Java! The Task Queue API for Python has been available since June, now Google gives the Java-version a try, too.

For my little personal web-application I need to do a bit of background-processing (and therefor created some ugly, but functioning workarounds using cronjobs), so I started playing around with the Task Queue trying to replace that code.
My conclusion? Very simple but yet powerful API! Works like a charm! Great work, Google-guys!

Though I have to admit that I really do not exhaust the 10k-tasks-per-day-limit, it would be nice if the duration-limit of 30 seconds per request could be doubled up to 60 seconds or so. The option of splitting long-running tasks into multiple short-running-ones is unfortunately not always feasible, so a higher limit of Task Queue requests compared to regular ones seems to be reasonable.

Happy Coding,



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